3/3 Praise God for the hope of life coming from death. 

3/4 Prayer for the softening of hearts in our family, friends and neighbors.

3/5 Pray that God would help Bret Theis and the music team who will be leading us in worship through music.

3/6 Praise for the help and care of the Spirit. 

3/7 Prayer for those suffering that this season of the celebration of resurrection would encourage them. 

3/8 Praise God for His faithfulness to His people

3/9 Prayer for boldness that we would invite those around us to celebrate with us.

3/10 Pray that we would serve one another as Christ has served us in this season. 

3/11 Praise God that we have such a wonderful celebration in Christ conquering sin.

3/12 Pray that we would have good weather for our Easter service. 

3/13 Pray for family and friends to be drawn to Jesus through this season.

3/14 Pray that God would raise many volunteers to make these services the best that they can be.

3/15 Pray for the other churches in our area that are seeking to reach our community with the gospel at this time. 

3/16 Pray for families to enjoy this season together for Christ’s sake. 

3/17 Pray that God would give us opportunities to invite our friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

3/18 Pray for David Fandey as he prepares the message for the Sunrise Service. 

3/19 Pray that many of the unsaved who come would have their hearts opened to Jesus and His gospel.

3/20 Praise God for His continued work of redemption and for using us as His ministers. 

3/21 Pray for all our volunteers to have wisdom and diligence as they serve.

3/22 Pray that Christ would help us to reflect His love and connect with our visitors.

3/23 Pray God would be glorified in all that happens in our services.

3/24 PALM SUNDAY: Pray that we would honestly worship Jesus in Spirit and truth.  

3/25 Praise God in advance for the work He is going to do.

3/26 Pray for our leaders who will be making themselves available to pray with folks following the service.


3/28 MAUNDY THURSDAY: Praise God for a Savior who  understands our weaknesses.

3/29 GOOD FRIDAY: Pray that the message of the gospel would be clearly communicated through the Good Friday Service at The Fields church.

3/30 Pray for Ryan Ketteral and his team that the set-up would go smoothly at the Flower Fields.

3/31 EASTER: Praise God for the glorious resurrection and pray that the Spirit of God would draw to Himself many of those who attend today.

4/1-7 Pray that God would help us to faithfully follow up with the visitors who will come came to the Easter services and that He would draw them to a warm welcome at The Fields.