Our WNG (Wednesday Night Gathering) meetings for 6th thru 12th grade students happen every Wednesday from 6:30–8:30pm.

Sunday Mornings

Middle School
Our 6th-8th grade students are encouraged to join the main gathering for worship through singing in the auditorium, then head to the Student Ministries room during the sermon. Students will return to the auditorium for communion and singing at the end of each service.

High School
Our 9th-12th grade students are encouraged to participate in our main worship gatherings (currently offered in our auditorium, on our patio, and online).

Wednesday Nights

High School and Middle School students gather on Wednesday nights at The Fields building for what we call "WNG" (Wednesday Night Gathering). Students are invited to join us starting at 6:30pm for ping pong, Nintendo, and fellowship before we kick off at 7:00pm with singing, teaching from the Word, and discussion groups. Students are free to stick around until parents pick them up! Email for more information.

Our Student Ministries exist as an expression of the vision of The Fields:

To see God grow people into passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

While we aim to see that vision come to fruition, we are also keenly aware that the youth leaders are not the primary shepherds in your students' lives. By God’s grace and sovereignty, you are - as his or her parents - the first earthly shepherds he or she has.

Therefore, we exist to help you shepherd your student—not to take your place. The Student Ministries exists to help encourage your student and assist you as their parent in growing them in their understanding of and walk with Jesus Christ.

Neither our youth leaders, our pastors, nor yourselves can change your students' hearts. Only God can and does change hearts!

Therefore, we will consistently point the students to the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and to those whom God has entrusted with His image-bearers here on the earth: you.

Parents, all students must complete the Emergency Medical Release Form.