Counseling at The Fields

Life is tough. As our challenges multiply, our suffering often compounds, leaving us feeling alone, helpless, and with no end in sight. We believe there is hope and we want to help. The Lord has cared for us through his word and work in the world, and we see our counseling as the privilege to offer that same care to you.

This shapes our counseling;

  • First, we counsel as fellow sufferers. Knowing our own sin and brokenness leads us to come alongside others with humility and sympathy.
  • Second, we counsel from the Scriptures. We believe through the Scriptures we know God, receive comfort, and instruction for life.
  • Third, we counsel in the church. We believe our Lord has called His people into a community, so we seek to counsel within that context for the continued support that He offers to us there.

We look forward to hearing from you.